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Step 2: Get a Team Together. With all the preemptive planning out of the way, it's time to start recruiting bodies to help pull your surprise off. You must choose a group of people known for keeping secrets, as you won't want the surprise spoiled early.

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Even if the invite is not ready yet, it's good to provisionally send out the date so guests can plan accordingly. Once the invite is ready, send it out as soon as possible. Step 2. Assemble a team. Whether you're planning a surprise 18th, 21st, 30th or 50th birthday party, it's not a one-person job.

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Ask someone who would know best (partner, close family member, etc.). Tell the guest of honor about a recent surprise you loved and watch their reaction. Reflect on how they reacted to surprises in the past. Consider their personality " someone who likes to go with the flow will likely enjoy a surprise party.

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Pick a place that seems "normal," whether it's a restaurant, a bowling alley, or just another friend's house. If you do choose a restaurant, be sure to make a reservation around a month in advance. You want to be sure you can get prime space for all the people in your party. 3. Pick a date before the actual occasion.

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Stay in touch with people so that you communicate consistently on important details to make the day successful. 2. Set a Date. It might seem like common sense to set the party on their birthday, but you may want to reconsider a different day to improve the surprise.

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Keeping these details in mind can also help you determine the best way to throw your surprise birthday party, should you throw one at all. So if you think your loved one will appreciate the surprise party, congrats! We can move on to the planning stage. 2. Float the Idea Around.

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7. Flexibility. Bonkers Bar offers plenty of options for a great event. Depending on the activities you choose to plan for the surprise party, you'll need to pick a suitable venue. If you want to choose the music for the party, make sure the venue lets you play your own music.

How to Plan a Surprise Birthday Party LoveToKnow Birthday party

Phase Two: The Ambush. Crowd control. Touch base with your guests the day before the party. Stress the importance of arriving either early or at least 15 minutes late. Stragglers walking in with the birthday guest will ruin the reveal! If you're celebrating at someone's house, let guests know where to park off-site.

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To help party organizers find the right location and keep everything a secret, the event planners at Olivia Restaurant offer the following tips for throwing a fantastic surprise party. Finding the Right Location. Like any good party, the location of your surprise birthday party should reflect the personality of the person you are celebrating.

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Step 6: Choose the music. Follow the classic ideas to th rowing a good party and firm up the music selection. If you're hiring musicians, start looking for them immediately. Live music requires a longer lead time. GigSalad is a useful site to help find local musicians and other entertainment. Ask friends, local musicians, or even your child.

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Have a plan in place for who will bring the guest of honor to the party. Designate one or two people to escort them to the party location, under the guise of going out for dinner or swinging by a friend's place. That way, if everyone's traveling together, they can't cancel or arrive late.

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Choose someone close to the guest of honor and someone that you can trust to keep a secret. 3. Pick the day and time. The most important thing to consider when picking a day and time is the guest of honor's availability. You will have to secretly find out if they are available on the day and time that you have chosen.

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Set Your Party Budget. Decide Where to Host. Create a Guest List. Send Out E-Invitations. Enlist a Helper for the Arrival. Plan Beyond the "Surprise!" If you're not the best secret keeper when it comes to giving birthday gifts, navigating how to plan a surprise birthday party can be especially challenging. Everything from creating the guest.

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But with a surprise party in store, we decided to widen the net by inviting a few of their friends. Which quickly grew, to include their Sunday school friends, church friends and their.

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In general, the key to keeping the surprise party a secret is making sure everyone is on the same page. Consider hosting a meeting early on with everyone involved in the planning process. Create a secret group chat where you can discuss all of the logistics without the guest of honor's presence. 5.