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Chilly Willy is a cartoon character, a diminutive penguin.He was created by director Paul Smith for the Walter Lantz studio in 1953, and developed further by Tex Avery in the two subsequent films following Smith's debut entry. The character soon became the second most popular Lantz/Universal character, behind Woody Woodpecker. Fifty Chilly Willy cartoons were produced between 1953 and 1972.

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A chilly willy is most commonly used as a noun (e.g., Let's do a chilly willy!).Similar to the "cinnamon challenge" that gained traction in 2013, a chilly willy is more a stunt than an actual way to drink alcohol. It can also be prompted for the purpose of recording the shot to post onto social media.


How to make a Chilly Willy shot drink with ingredients Vodka, Ice and Chili with the best Chilly Willy recipe Home; Cocktail Bars. 2.00 measure(s) Vodka; little Ice; 1.00 teaspoon(s) Chili; Chilly Willy Description. Chop the fresh chilli. Shake the vodka and the chilli with ice. Strain Your Chilli Willy into a small glass. SIMILAR DRINKS.

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In some episodes, Chilly Willy also deals with a rough and tough (big game) hunter named Colonel Pot Shot (voiced by Daws Butler), whom Smedley was shown to work for in several episodes. His first appearance was on Toon 40 - Highway Hecklers (where he was seen driving on a truck for hunting expeditions and tries to catch both Chilly and Maxie.

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Chilly Willy Cocktail. 2. Submitted by Mandy "A tropical, fruity combo found on drinkswap." save Download Print Share. I Made This. photo by Stephanie Y. Ready In: 2mins. Ingredients: 5 Serves: 1. Nutrition information Advertisement. ingredients Units: US. 30 ml Midori melon liqueur; 30 ml.

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How to make: SHAKE all ingredients with ice and fine stain into chilled glass. 1/2 fl oz. Ketel One Vodka. 1/2 fl oz. Light white rum (charcoal-filtered 1-4 years old) 1/2 fl oz. Disaronno amaretto. 1/2 fl oz.

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Chilly Willy is cold and hungry until he finds the home of Colonel Pot Shot, where Smedley is the caretaker. Smedley trys to kick Chilly out of the house in order to save his job. Eventually the two team-up to escape the gun-toting colonel.


Grab a shaker and fill it half way with ice. Add all the ingredients in the recipe, melon liqueur, coconut rum, Peachtree schnapps plus the orange and pineapple juices. Shake for ten seconds to chill and mix it all, then pour into a Hurricane Glass and garnish with either an orange round, a pineapple slice or both.

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Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted. Colonel Pot Shot is the main antagonist of the later Chilly Willy shorts. Highway Hecklers (1968) Chilly and the Looney Gooney (1969) Sleepy Time Bear (1969) Chilly's Cold War (1970) A Gooney is Born (1971) Chilly's Hide-A-Way (1971)

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Colonel Pot Shot decides to get away from the city smog and go to his resort out in the country, taking his assistant Smedley with him. When they get there t.

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Chilly's Hide-a-Way: Directed by Paul J. Smith, Sid Marcus. With Daws Butler. Smedley and the colonel leave the city for their mountain cabin only to discover a squatter, Chilly.

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This is a list of Walter Lantz "Cartunes" featuring Chilly Willy.All are entries in Lantz's Chilly Willy series.. Directors for each short are noted. The first five cartoons (Chilly Willy through Room and Wrath) were released in The Woody Woodpecker and Friends Classic Cartoon Collection.Five additional shorts, including Hold That Rock and Half-Baked Alaska, were released in The Woody.

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Chilly Willy is cold and hungry until he finds the home of Colonel Pot Shot, where Smedley is the caretaker. Smedley trys to kick Chilly out of the house in.


This great Chilly Willy recipe is made with Vodka. Menu. Drinks. By Category By Ingredient Top Ingredients Random. Games; Tips. Ingredient. Chilly Willy. Drink Type: Shooter Ingredients. 1 tsp. Vodka (Chilled) Instructions. Use a shot glass with a concave base. Flip glass upside down and snort. Yes, through your nose. Advertisement.

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Jul 8th, 2012. I use to drink this all the time but I used frozen lemonade, milk Vodka & ice cubes .mix in blender & ENJOY. The best recipe for a Chilly Willy alcoholic mixed drink, containing Vodka, Milk, Strawberries and Ice.