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3. Relieves constipation and improves digestive health. Fiber adds bulk to and softens your stool, which helps things move along in your gut. Lots of foods contain fiber, but pears are a.

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Anjou Pear: A firm, mild-flavored pear that is perfectly juicy. Red and green Anjou pears are nearly identical in flavor. Asian Pear: Full-on crunchy and similar in texture and shape to apples, this is a very mild-flavored pear with a soft, grainy texture. Bartlett (or Williams) Pear: This is the perfect choice when you want a really, really juicy pear. . Both red and green Bartletts are also.

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6. Asian Pear. Alternate Names: nashi pear, Japanese pear, Korean pear, Taiwan Pear, sand pear, apple pear. Characteristics: This apple-shaped pear is unusual in many regards. First, it has a very.

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Pears are rich in dietary fiber, which can aid in digestion and prevent constipation. Eating pears regularly can support a healthy digestive system. What is the best time to eat a pear? Pears can be enjoyed at any time of the day as a nutritious snack. They are especially refreshing during hot summer days and can be included in breakfast, lunch.

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How to eat Comice pears: Comice pears are best enjoyed when served on cheese boards with soft or blue-veined cheeses. 6 / 7. Mike Powles/Getty Images. Concorde. Concorde pears have a beautiful shape: a tapered neck and rounded bottom with bright green skin that sometimes shows a red blush. These pears are juicy and sweet, even when they're.

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Asian Pears: Asian pears have a crisp, apple-like texture and are sweet and juicy. Select pears that are firm and free from bruises. Asian pears are great for fresh eating out of hand. Taylor's Gold Pears: Taylor's Gold pears are known for their crisp and juicy texture and sweetness. Choose pears that are firm and have smooth skin.

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3 nutrition experts share the health benefits of eating pears packed with loads of gut-boosting fiber and some of the best ways to eat them. Newsflash: Pears out-fiber apples any day. Skip to main.

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Eating a Ripe Pear. When selecting a ripe pear, look for one that yields slightly to gentle pressure near the stem. Ripe pears are sweet and juicy and can be eaten as is. Simply wash the pear, remove the stem, slice it into wedges, and enjoy the juicy flesh. Another way to enjoy a ripe pear is by cutting it into cubes and adding it to a fresh.


Bosc. Courtesy of USA Pears. Thanks to its long, elegantly tapered neck and textured, bronze skin, the Bosc pear is easy to identify. While a Bosc will turn slightly more golden as it ripens, it remains firm (except at the stem end). Because of its firm texture when ripe, this is the classic pear for poaching in red wine for dessert.

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Pears are delicious fruits that offer many health benefits, such as antioxidants, fiber, and plant compounds. Learn about the different types of pears, their nutrition facts, how they can help with various conditions, and what warnings to be aware of before eating them. Verywell Health provides reliable and expert information on pears and other health topics.

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The Comice pear—whose full name is "Doyenné du Comice," which translates as "top of the show"—is a fat, blunt pear with a short neck that is greenish-yellow colored with a deep red blush. This prize winner is considered by many to be the best-eating pear of all. It has a yellowish-white flesh and a buttery smooth texture.

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There are two sub-varieties: Green Anjou: These are green and fairly round. They are the pear brought to the US in the 1840s. Red Anjou: These red pears are similar to their green brethren though generally a bit sweeter. They were discovered in Medford Oregon in the 1950s as a naturally occurring cultivar.

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3. Bartlett. The most popular of all pears, 'Bartlett,' also called 'Williams' in Europe, develops large yellow or red bell-shaped fruits with buttery, smooth, juicy white flesh. Ideal for eating fresh and for canning or preserves, the fruit can be stored for one to two months.


Common Varieties: Anjou, Bartlett, Bosc, Comice, Concorde, Florelle, French Butter, Seckel, Starkrimson How they ripen: These pears actually ripen best off the tree, so they are harvested mature but not ripe. After they go through a brief chilling period, the pears ripen from the inside out. How to pick them: Your eating timeline determines how you pick pears.

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Being so well balanced, many would consider it the best pear type for eating raw. Forelle. As a small piece of fruit, the Forelle pear can make a good snack. With that said, adults might need two to feel satisfied. The skin has a yellowish-green shade that turns red as the pear ripens. They are also identifiable for the freckles on the skin.

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Best pears for stewing & canning: Bartlett, Anjou, Comice. TIP: My general principle when cooking pears is to ask if I want the pears to keep their shape or not.. If you want to eat the pears as soon as possible: Put the pears in a brown paper bag, ideally with a banana. The ethylene gas from the banana acts as a plant hormone, which speeds.